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About us

Shenzhen Swirleasy Technology Co.,Ltd is located at Shenzhen, China. It is a high and new-tech enterprise which integrates teams of R&D, manufacture, marketing and service experts.

We concentrate on designing, developing, producing and selling various motor and food waste disposers. It has strong product development capability and technical reserves,sophisticated testing equipment,complete quality control system, advanced production line,strict assembly process,excellent supply system and sales team.

We warmly welcome global customers to our company for cooperation discussion and on site visit to establish long-term co-operation relationship.


Contact: Rose

Phone: 86-13392424215

Tel: 0755-36989633

Email: sales01@swirleasy.com

Add: Room 1105,11F,Xingji Building, Shang De Road, Xin Qiao Street, ,Baoan District,Shenzhen, Guang Dong, China

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