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1/2 HP Kitchen Garbage Disposal

  • SW-511A
  • SW-511A
  • SW-511A
  • SW-511A


  • Product description:
    Color: Black/Red/Gold/Silver/Orange
    Feeding method: Continuous
    Rated Power(W): 370W
    Motor Power: 1/2
    Motor type: DC
    Certification: CE/CB
    Safety Protection: over he

Model#SW-511A     Rated Power: 110-120V

1/2 Horsepower High Quality Household Kitchen Garbage Disposer with stainless steel grinding system and capable for continuous filling

1.Swirleasy Food Waste Grinding Disposer with Capable for continuous filling

2.Grinding speed more than 3600r/min, 1/2 HP, PM Motor

3. Space-saving design

4.Sound-proof strengthened, quiet operation

5.King size grinding chamber

6.Special steel grinding system with strong and corrosion resistant

7.Easy and user-friendly assembling system

8.Removable splash shield

9.Power Cord Included

10.With ETL safety certification and patents

11.Unique remote control (no sink hole)/Air Switch

No previous NEXT:SW-710


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