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1 HP Kitchen garbage disposal

  • SW- 730DCN
  • SW- 730DCN
  • SW- 730DCN
  • SW- 730DCN
  • SW- 730DCN
SW- 730DCNSW- 730DCNSW- 730DCNSW- 730DCNSW- 730DCN

SW- 730DCN

  • Product description:
    Color: Silver,Leachate,Rose Gold, Ferfari Red, Luxury Gold, China Red, Blue, Matt Black
    Feeding method: Continuous
    Rated Power(W): 550W
    Motor Power: 3/4
    Motor type: DC <

Model#SW- 730DCN   Rated Power: 110V- 220V

3/4 Horsepower High Quality Household Kitchen Garbage Disposer with stainless steel grinding system and capable for continuous filling

1.Grinding speed more than 3500r/min, 3/4HP, PM Motor

2.Space-saving design

3.Sound-proof strengthened, quiet operation

4.King size grinding chamber

5.Special steel grinding system with strong and corrosion resistant

6.Easy and user-friendly assembling system

7.Removable splash shield

8.With CCQC/CE/ROHS/ETL/FCC Safety certification

9. Unique remote control(no sink hole)/air switch



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